What will happen if neutral line and the earth line are connected in reverse

- May 03, 2019-

If the neutral wire and the earth wire are connected in reverse, there will be tripping when using electrical; If there is no trip, then means the home leakage protection switch is broken.

Distribution Box 

1. The neutral wire and the earth wire are connected in reverse. Why do they trip when using electrical appliances?

Switches in the distribution box of the home are generally equipped with mini breaker for lighting circuit, while all other circuits are equipped with leakage protection switches. The principle of the leakage breaker is to detect whether the current vector sum between the live line and the neutral line is zero, that is, to detect whether the current passing through the live line and the current passing through the neutral line are equal, if the current passing through the live line and the current passing through the neutral line are not equal, it will trip and protect the line.


When the neutral wire and the earth wire are connected in reverse, can appear the current flows out of the live line, and then through the ground flow distribution box, back from the land of distribution box finally flows to the earth, then the leakage breaker can detect wire do not match the current and neutral line current, and then to leakage, thus trip has reached the purpose of the protection circuit.

Therefore, the power distribution in the home should be configured according to standard requirement only, when neutral line and earth line are connected inversely later, should have electric equipment to work to be able to appear only trip, if do not trip, the layout that explains the circuit in the home exists a problem.


2. There is no tripping when using electrical appliances. What are the causes?

We found neutral line and earth line connected to the opposite, but after power, electrical work and did not appear when the tripping phenomenon, at this time we need to pay attention to the cause of this problem generally have two points: first, the home distribution box switch did not leak protection; Second, is the distribution box installed leakage breaker failure.

Distribution Box wholesale 

If decorate our house when the switch of distribution box is air switch, the neutral line and earth line against also won't trip, because there is no leakage detection and protection function of air switch, the switch configuration method is unsafe, or to be carried out in accordance with the specification requirements of the switch configuration to the lighting circuit using air switch, the rest all circuits using leakage protection switch.

If decorate our house when the switch of power distribution box is installed according to the requirement of electrical leakage protection switch, the neutral line and the earth line to the live without tripping, then that means we installed leakage circuit breaker is damaged, no effective action to correct, suggest that we should be replaced immediately and don't continue to use again, there are a lot of electrical safety concerns.

Through the analysis of the above principle, we can find that once the neutral line and the earth line are connected in reverse, there will be a tripping phenomenon when using electrical appliances. If there is no trip, please immediately check whether the leakage circuit breaker is damaged, timely treatment, to avoid accidents. In addition, it is dangerous to connect the live line and the neutral line of the circuit breaker in the opposite direction. So the wiring in the home must be in accordance with the standard requirements for the correct electrical connection, the correct use of live line, neutral line and the ground line.


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