What should you pay attention to when buying USB extension plug.

- Feb 12, 2021-

What should you pay attention to when buying USB extension plug.


USB socket is very in line with the needs of modern life, make charging more easy and convenient, can save a lot of trouble, more and more popular.

So what should you pay attention to when choosing a USB socket?


1. Pay attention to the overall quality of the socket

Try to choose the products of well-known enterprises, especially after many times of national supervision and spot check qualified products, do not buy repeatedly exposed, punished the brand. Those long - term low - price gimmick to promote the small brand, must compression cost profit, socket safety is about to be greatly discounted! Good brand besides quality safety has assurance, also can be more at ease of use.


2. The number of USB charging sockets

The first is the number of charging ports, some brands of USB sockets only have one USB jack, some have two or three, this can be selected according to their own needs. I prefer three USB jacks, why will be mentioned below.


3. Compatibility problem of USB socket

Then there is the compatibility problem, because the major mobile phone manufacturers charging identification protocols are not consistent, or the input power of electronic products is not the same, there will be charging speed is very slow or no charging phenomenon. Therefore, when consumers choose and buy products, they should pay attention to whether the charging socket has a built-in intelligent identification chip, because the intelligent identification chip comes with a variety of mobile phone charging identification protocols, simulating the output environment of the original charger, to the mobile phone safe and fast charging.