What's the function of a multi control switch?

- Feb 02, 2021-

What's the function of a multi control switch?


Switches in our life mostly refer to electrical switches, which provide us with convenience in the use of electrical appliances, especially the use of lamps and lanterns. Generally, the common switches are single control switches, that is, one switch can only control one electrical appliance. What is the function of multi control switch? What's the difference between multi open switch and multi control switch? Let's get to know.


1、 What's the function of a multi control switch

Generally speaking, a switch panel will have at least one button, four or five more, which is the "connection" in the switch. There are single control, double control, multi control and other control modes in the switch, and one on multi control switch means that an electrical appliance can be controlled by multiple switches.


One on multi control switch is mostly used for lamp switch, because most lamp switches are fixed on the wall. If they can only be opened and closed in one position, it will bring great inconvenience to users, especially the switch button in the corridor.


We install lamps and lanterns in the corridor mainly for lighting up and down the stairs. If we have to turn off the lamps when we go upstairs, then the lamps and lanterns have no meaning of existence. Therefore, generally, the lamps in the corridor are double controlled or multi controlled. It is very convenient to turn them on before going upstairs, turn them off when we go upstairs, or turn them off when we go to the room.


A multi control switch is also suitable for the use of the system ah bedroom, you may think the bedroom is not big, a switch on the line. But if you are lying in bed in winter, do you still want to get up and go to the door to turn off the light? It's very hard. In the room installed on such a multi control switch is very good, room walls can be controlled, both sides of the bed can be controlled, very convenient.


In fact, to turn on a multi control switch is to control the switch of an electrical appliance from multiple lines, so as to realize a variety of control modes. You can switch here and there. Its use is to achieve unified control of all lighting, electric equipment, infrared appliances, monitoring and so on in the home, hotel or office.


What's the difference between multi switch and multi control switch?

2、What's the difference between multi switch and multi control switch


1. Multiple switch

As mentioned above, there are several switch buttons in a switch panel. Only one button is a single switch, and multiple buttons are multiple switches. The more the number of multiple switches is, the more the buttons are, and the smaller each button is. It is suitable for places with small space or dense electric lights.


2. Multi control switch

The multi control switch generally has multiple switch panels, that is, a switch button on multiple switch panels can control the same electrical appliance, or there can be three or more switches, which can control an electric lamp at the same time. When the multi control switch is used, it is safer to cooperate with two double control switches.