What’s NEW in the new launched switch & socket?

- May 18, 2019-

What’s NEW in the new launched switch & socket?

After the new product launched, it’s time for you to have a deeper understanding of our new switches and sockets.

Q1. What do you think is the new breakthrough of the JL series bezel-less switch & socket?

A: I think the new breakthrough of LJ series is the pull-type structure. Its structure is different from that of its peers. Our wiring copper sheet is double-folded, three dimensional surrounded, and can withstand the torsion of 16KG without deformation, which is more advantageous than other brands of single-layer copper sheet. What's more, we use v-type terminal, which can make the wires fit together better and thin wires are not easy to loose.

What's NEW in the new launched switch&socket

Q2. I heard that LJ series spends a lot of time in its early research and development. What is it doing?

A: every new product has to go through some twists and turns before it goes on sale. LJ series is no exception, and it is also the flagship product of JUNON. Even if we find defects on the way of research and development and production, we should stop, solve them and continue to the next step, and strictly control the product quality, which is the principle we have always adhered to. When the finished product comes out, it can only be put on the market after constant debugging, testing and modification. No defect is allowed, so it will take much time to develop in the early stage.


Q3. What problems did you encounter when developing LJ series switches and sockets?

A: there are more and more big board switches in the market. I believe all brands will encounter this problem, that is, the swing Angle of the big board. If the swing Angle is too high, it will affect the feel, but the smaller the Angle is, the more difficult to control the size and affect the performance. Therefore, after many experiments and adjustments, we changed the material, silver contact and the thickness of the support, and found that the optimal swing Angle was 3.5 degrees.

What's NEW in the new launched switch&socket1

Q4. Can you describe the products of LJ series in a few words?

A: LJ series switch & socket is gentle and firm. The most important is the steel and soft: "steel" represents the product performance is excellent, including strong wiring copper and installation bracket is not easy to deformation; "Soft" this represents the LJ series light switch sound crisp, smooth feel, and the appearance of products more in line with the trend of The Times, plus a variety of color collocation, in line with the aesthetic of contemporary young people.

What's NEW in the new launched switch&socket2

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