What’s New in JUNON? P Series Rose Gold Mid-size Switch& Socket

- Jun 04, 2019-

What's New in JUNON? --- P Series Rose Gold Mid-size Switch& Socket

P series-- Rose Gold

Break through the traditional definition of gold , refresh the public's aesthetics with

the elements of the trend.

It's rose gold.

JUNON electrical integrates it into its product. P series rose gold was born.

P series rose gold switch feature

Personalized construction

Exquisite rose gold

Fashion and unique taste

Gold powder painted bright color

Design of mid-size switch rockers

Comfortable touch button crisp

Increase user experience significantly

Bring your own night light

Safety shutter structure for socket

Protection against electric shock design

To protect the electricity safety of children and family.

Rigorous Material selection

High Quality PC Cover

Fire resistance

Easy to deform, durable.

Base integration design

Selected PA66 nylon material

Flame retardant, high temperature, corrosion, arc.

High insulation installation convenience


High-end details

Integrated socket design

Low temperature rise of carrier

Long life of safe durable products

Arc type U shaped terminal

Oversized wiring space

Can hold two 4 mm² wires at the same time

Silver tin oxide contacts for switches

High over voltage, low temperature rise.

Large electrical gap

Can effectively reduce the arc to avoid fire hazards


P Series Rose Gold Switch & Socket

Satisfy your infinite association

Make the home more romantic and romantic

Make life more refined and tasteful.

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