What is UV surface treatment technology?

- Jun 01, 2019-

What is UV surface treatment technology?

I don't know if you noticed that JUNON LJ series switch & socket series products.

The luster is more prominent than other colors, mainly because it USES a special technology on its surface, UV surface treatment technology.

What is UV surface treatment technology?

UV is the abbreviation for Ultraviolet, which means Ultraviolet, and UV surface treatment is basically a way of curing paint or painting that depends on Ultraviolet light.

What is UV  surface treatment technology 

What is the real role of UV surface treatment technology?

1. Green and environmental protection

2. Delay the fading or discoloration of ink by ultraviolet light under sunshine

What is UV  surface treatment technology1

How to check the quality of UV?

1. UV surface treatment of the product to apply a certain pressure back and forth several sassafras, do not spend OK

2. With strong adhesive tape, can be replaced by transparent tape, stick to the UV surface, quickly tear, not off the UV OK

What is the difference between UV surface treatment technology and PU?

Plastic surface treatment UV and PU are plastic surface spray treatment. But there is a difference:

1. Compared with other paints, PU paint film has a higher elongation at break and has both protective and decorative properties under the same hardness. It can be used for coating advanced crafts, advanced woodwork, piano and large aircrafts. And strong adhesion film, can dry, can also be low temperature curing, construction season can be long.

2. UV paint has a long activation period, excellent yellowing resistance, good hardness and extremely high solid content. It is also one of the most environment-friendly paint varieties at present. Its performance is more environment-friendly than PU paint, and it has high efficiency and low coating cost (half of the normal coating cost and dozens of times of the conventional coating efficiency).

What is UV  surface treatment technology2

What are the characteristics of the product after UV surface treatment?

1. High hardness, the highest hardness up to 3H hardness test, belongs to the green environmental protection coating, coating in the hardness, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, salt fog, gasoline and other solvent test performance indicators are very high.

2. The paint film of UV metal paint is particularly plump and lustrous, and the UV curing process is pollution-free when painting, which is recognized as a green environmental protection product.


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