What is the difference between human sensor and radar sensor?

- Jul 13, 2020-

What is the difference between human sensor and radar sensor?

In real life, we have a lot of places can be applied to the human sensor lights and radar sensor lights, such as: garage, corridor, porch, automatic door, sensor lights and other occasions need automatic control. Although they both have automatic sensing, the two technologies work differently.


Radar sensor

Using the principle of Doppler radar induction, by transmitting (microwave) radar signal, once a moving object enters the induction range, it will change the radar signal waveform, thus triggering the action of the radar sensor.

The product is not affected by ambient temperature and sound, so it is easy to identify moving objects. It is suitable for parking, corridor, corridor and other areas.


Human sensor

On the principle of pyro electric infrared sensor, by collecting trigger sensors, infrared energy change can identify human movement, but the human induction products are greatly influenced by temperature, when the external environment temperature, close to the human induction temperature, the induction distance lower (suggest installation height less than 3 meters), and is not suitable for installation in the region of the temperature change, ventilation, air conditioning outlet, etc., suitable for: indoor corridor etc.


They are equally practical, and if I had to choose between them, I would take both. After all, as long as you use the right place, human sensing and radar sensing equipment can really bring great convenience to life.


Like JUNON radar bulb lights and radar ceiling lights, everywhere to unexpected surprises.


In fact, both human body induction and radar induction equipment have their own advantages. Buyers can distinguish them by their working principles, but it is important to choose the right products according to their actual conditions, so as to avoid many objective factors.