What is tandem switch?

- Oct 31, 2020-

What is tandem switch?

What is a tandem switch?

The interconnect switch is a derivative product that caters to the development of the market and meets the needs of consumers. The conjoined switch is based on the single 86 size switch and realizes the overall installation and appearance of 286, 386, 486 and 586 at the same time. The surface of the switch is integrated to realize the seamless connection.

What is tandem switch 1

Nowadays, in the era of science and technology, many electrical brands hope that their products can become the brightest stars in the night sky. It is not enough to rely only on brand strength. What consumers pursue now is unique personality. And the innovation of switch socket product is nothing more than from these three aspects: structure, style and function. But the switch ,the pursuit of original design is  difficult, only can from the market demand for transformation, for the future.

The difference with the traditional switch

1. From the practical point of view: the traditional monomer switch in the installation of the appearance effect is relatively poor, the more number of installation effect is worse, easy to appear uneven, leaving gaps. But couplet switch solves this problem better, avoid the phenomenon that aperture collects dust, neat and beautiful, clean and convenient.

2. From the innovation point of view, compared with the traditional products, the conjoined switch is a derivative of The Times. Coupling switch can be divided into functional parts and decorative frame two parts, functional parts and decorative frame are standardized modules, can be arbitrary combination, greatly reducing the cost.

3. From the perspective of convenience, water electrician does not need to adjust too many positions during the installation process due to the concatenation, and the installation efficiency is improved by 40%, saving time and labor.

From long-term development, the switch that will have more families to decorate in the future uses structure of this kind of combined-type couplet, not only convenient installation but also effective dustproof, from a certain angle, the innovation that combined-type couplet structure drove electrician product, also changed the structure of Chinese traditional household at the same time.

What is tandem switch 2

JUNON: CURVE 118 series interlock switch and socket

The arc surface design, the streamline trend, the arc angle fully displays the curvy, the diverse design pours into the different unique charm to the curvy series product. By contrast, the more eye-catching details of CURVE 86 series products are its combined conjoined structure design, which can be freely combined with strong practicality and high cost effective, in line with the pursuit of modern people.