What is Key card switch?

- Jun 24, 2020-

What is Key card switch?

Key card switch, also known as take electricity switch, energy-saving switch. Mainly used in hotels and guesthouses. To solve the empty room, cut off the power in the room. So as to achieve electricity safety and energy saving.

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Key card switches are mainly divided into the following categories:

1) Mechanical recharging switch: The early recharging switch was actually a mechanical warped board switch, which could conduct the two contacts of the power supply by inserting the key plate. Thus, when the guest leaves the rooms take out the key card and disconnect the contact to cut off the room power. Guests familiar with this principle sometimes use business CARDS and other similar to the key card to insert the hard piece of switch, also can draw electricity, and so cannot fundamentally solve the safety and energy saving electricity.

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2) Photoelectric taking-off switch: with the advent of the magnetic card hotel lock, only one magnetic card is needed to open the door and take electricity, then the photoelectric taking-off switch appears. Its principle is to plug the card or block a pair of infrared, control the circuit to detect the infrared on and off, through the relay output power on and off. This principle of the electrical switch is also known as the universal electrical switch.

3) IC card power taking switch: it is mainly used to take power through contact IC card. It is mainly used to detect chip pins of IC card and determine whether the card is inserted or not to output power on and off of IC card.

4) Low-frequency card taking switch: it is suitable for 125 KHz non-contact induction card, mainly to detect whether the card frequency conforms to 125 KHz to output the power supply on and off. The market share is large.

5) High-frequency card switching: it is mainly applicable to 13.56 MHz high-frequency induction card. By identifying whether the ID of the card conforms to the standard, the power supply can be output. More market applications.