What is JUNON LJ series borderless switch socket?

- Jun 30, 2019-

What is JUNON LJ series borderless switch socket?


The more prosperous, the more yearning is simple, just as Guangdong JUNON Songtian Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. Recently launched "LJ series borderless switch socket" advocating minimalist aestheticism. Become a clear stream in luxury products, it’s the initial heart we are looking for.

What is JUNON LJ series borderless switch socket


Initial "impression"

The switch has borderless panel design, large touch area, simple and comfortable, side angle design, highlighting the beauty of the angle.

LED light is off when the switch is in use, and will be on when the switch is off. Easily know the switch usage status, convenient for users to find switches in the dark. The switch has ultra long fluorescent strip, darker and more conspicuous. And also has advanced surface treatment. Uniform gloss, anti-aging, strong resistance to heavy blows. There are four color choices, rich and varied, easy to match, Gold / Champagne Gold / White / Matte Black.

What is JUNON LJ series borderless switch socket1


Adhering to the heart

1. Innovative lifting structure, no damage to wires, not easy to deform.

2. JUNON wiring copper piece, double-layer folded three-dimensional surrounding, strong pressure resistance, not easy to deform, can withstand torque below 16KG.

3. V-shaped terminal block, good conductivity, large capacity space, stable wiring.

4. Integrated design of current-carrying parts to avoid product damage caused by riveting.


Real material

Made of high quality PC material, flame retardant does not yellow. Take LJ series one gang switch as an example. Plastic parts weight 71.8g, total weight 79.2g. Superior in weight compared to other brands. More material brings a better feel.


After watching the bustling scene, it is also less pleasing to the eye. LJ series borderless switch socket , delete cumbersome becomes simple. Create a new realm of exquisite life, this is also the initial heart that everyone is looking for.