What is JUNON LED ceiling spot light?

- Jun 22, 2019-

What is JUNON LED ceiling spot light?


In the evening, the night is coming. Burning stars on the street, looking up at the light of the window. Like putting a coat on the earth and bringing life to the city in the night. Light can make art and light the future. Guangdong JUNON Songtian Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd launched Junya series LED ceiling spot light. Give you a different feeling

What is JUNON LED ceiling spot light


A spot light gives you a visual feast

It is elegant, simple and stylish. Bright silver, spray white + silver edge, spray white + golden edge.


Three-color self-selection, made of 6063 aluminum, 2.5mm thick and durable

Stepped car edge, strong craftsmanship, highlighting the three-dimensional


Acrylic material, light transmittance is over 90%, high light output rate. Use frosted surface design. Increase the effective distance of light, good lighting effect


A spot light gives you quality assurance

1. Using constant current IC drive power, stable and reliable, no frequently blinking, no hurt the eye.

2. The lamp beads are made of high quality "San’an chip". High brightness, high color rendering index

3. Inner ring adjustable angle

Up to 20-30 degrees, small angle illumination, good spotlighting effect.

4. Strong directionality of illumination

Easy to control light, the radiator is made of 1070 pure aluminum. Cold forging technology stamping and processing, good heat dissipation performance. Long life of up to 30,000 hours, durable


A spot light gives you a lot of fantasies

Junya series ceiling spot light comes in a variety of specifications. Suitable spot lights in different spaces. Trolly but can satisfy your three wishes

Junya series spot light meets your diverse needs

What are you waiting for? Or you need us.


Product parameters

Hole sizeφ70mmφ95mmφ95mmφ120mmφ120mm
LED typeSMD 3030 1W
Beam angle30 º

Light gives a feeling of hope, like a little girl selling matches while playing a match. That will see what you want to see, this is the future expectation of the subconscious squadron. Just like Junya series LED ceiling spot light, embarrassing and hopeful. Like the brightest stars in the night sky and shining our future.