What is innovative design concept of M3 Series Switch Socket?

- Jun 21, 2019-

What is innovative design concept of M3 Series Switch Socket?


Today I am fortunate to have an appointment with an engineer who designed the M3

Series switch socket. To get what is Innovative Design Concept of it.


Q1: Where did you get the inspiration for designing the M3 series Switch Socket?

A: Inspiration comes from the market demand. For the past, the mounted switch has always been practical and the style is old. We want to make some changes, innovates the shape and internal structure, and meet the market demand.


Q2: What is its design concept?

A: 1. In appearance, in order to cater to the concept of consumption, it is still necessary to follow the trend in the front line and design a more beautiful panel;

2. Internal structure, the previous products can’t meet the development needs of the current market, and the structure will change due to the changes of the times.


Q3: What new elements have been added to the M3 series Switch Socket?

A: Newly added original super-strong copper wire, double-folded, three-dimensionally enclosed. The wiring adopts a pulling structure, which does not hurt the wire and is safe and reliable.


Q4: What are the new breakthroughs in the appearance of the M3 series?

A: The appearance of this M3 product is designed in cooperation with Korean designers. The upper and lower borderless buttons and ultra-long fluorescent strips are very Korean style, beautiful and fashionable, adapting to the trend of the times, thus changing the people's old-fashioned style.


Q5: What are the characteristics of the M3 series Switch Socket?

A: In addition to the unique and beautiful shape, there are mainly in-house original super-strong copper pieces, four times compression resistance, can withstand 16kg of torque, and are not easily deformed. Moreover, this structure is patent-pending, so it is unique to JUNON. And its pull-type wiring structure, does not hurt the wire, safe and durable, is also one of the characteristics of the M3 series products.


Q6: What are the market advantages of the M3 series?

A: M3 is a new generation of surface-mounted switch products. Its appearance and internal

structure are different from those in the past market. It has created a concept of quality

and clear decoration. Many recommended products that decorators prefer, are very

popular in towns and villages.


Q7: In addition, I want to know that when designing products, engineers design the appearance panel and then design the interior.

Is the structure still designed to plan the internal structure before designing the exterior panel?

A: It is usually first to determine the appearance and then design the internal structure, the appearance determines the structure, or two at the same time.


Q8: What difficulties did you encounter when designing this product?

A: I really encountered a problem in designing the M3 product. After the appearance of the Korean product, everyone was very satisfied, but found a loophole, the wall slot of the wall mounted and the upper and lower built-in space of the big button conflicted. This problem is solved perfectly by the improvement of the slot hole.


Q9: Why does the function key design use ultra-long fluorescent strips?

A: According to the trend of the times, the function keys use the long fluorescent strips to look higher, and the look at night will be better. It looks like a line, not an intermittent fluorescent point.


Q10: What are the advantages of using copper wire for comparison with other company products?

A: The wiring copper piece used in the M3 series is double-folded and three-dimensionally enclosed. It is strong against pressure and deformation. The copper piece can withstand 16kg of torque, is not easy to deform, and does not hurt the wire. Most of the copper sheets of other company products are thin and easy to deform.


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What is innovative design concept of M3 series Switch Socket