- Mar 11, 2020-


Distribution box is a kind of industrial connectors. Distribution box is a power a data access through the shunt conversion, can output a plurality of current or data signal equipment. So, in general we said M8, M12 distribution box refers to the line jack is M8 or M12 Specifications of the distribution box. With the general difference is that the ordinary socket, the power output of the socket only plus or minus two , or have ground wire, and industrial distribution box ,power output is acicular I/O port. Aisle wall mounted in the distribution box, the installation height in the picturesque scene from above or the bottom of the box floor 2500mm.

What is distribution box1

What is distribution box2

Application Fields of Distribution Box

Distribution box according to the different purposes, generally divided into two categories, one category is used for connecting the power supply to the power distribution box, usually we say industrial distribution box refers to this class; another kind is used for the connection of communication signal communication adapter distribution box, this class is usually in our life that network adapter distribution box, telephone distribution box, cable distribution box ECT.

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