What Is A Power Distribution Board?

- Jun 01, 2020-

What Is A Power Distribution Board?

What is a power distribution board


What is a power distribution Board?

A power distribution board is used to safely distribute electricity from the power source to other devices in a circuit. It typically has one input and multiple outputs, allowing several devices to be connected to the distro rather than directly to the power source. This makes things safer, more efficient and more convenient; one of its key advantages is that it reduces the chances of blown fuses or even dangerous short-outs.


Power distribution boxes are useful

Use a power distribution board that you don’t have to connect each output device directly to the power source. This streamlines the circuit, and makes it more efficient by saving you from having to use any more wires than strictly necessary (therefore saving energy). As well as saving on possible power wastage, having fewer physical wires to deal with also makes the environment safer for staff and visitors. Wires can present a major tripping hazard, and have a nasty habit of getting snagged on things. The fewer of them you need, the better!


Also, the power distribution boards are especially helpful in larger circuits. This is because their modular construction provides an easy and effective way to increase the scalability of the circuit, which makes them invaluable for big events like festivals, concerts, weddings and sports events.