What is a light strip?

- Jun 13, 2020-

What is a light strip?

Light strip refers to the LED lamp with a special processing technology welding in copper wire or on the ribbon flexible circuit board, and then connected to the power source luminous, because of its luminous shape so we call it light strip.


The light strip not only can be used for lighting, but also acts as a decoration.

It is also widely used in life


Home lighting

1.    Can add the light strip design in condole top position

Not only can use it as indirect lighting

But also can increase the sense of top layer

Can make the environment more downy and more emotional appeal

2.    Household cabinet body also can use light strip design

Can weaken the sense of space violation and closure

Make your home look sweeter

3.    If you feel the living room, bedroom, stairs, aisle

The walls are boring

It can be combined with the light strip design

Render a graceful introverted temperament

Add some fun to your life



Lamp belt besides apply outside living in illuminant

But also with the tenacious vitality

Entered the advertising, commercial, construction and other fields

1.  One of the more famous applications of light strips is "wall washing".

Richard Kelly and Philip Johnson

Use multiple hidden light sources to illuminate the walls evenly

Presents a clean and elegant visual effect

It can be called "the ancestor of light belt application".

2.  Businesses will also be the space and light strip design

Applied to store decoration

Will light strip and the adornment of small area confluence together

Or decorate the floor or glass

Create a superior style

3.  The light strip application of advertisement respect is not little also

Achieve the effect of night publicity

4.  Soft light environment with sparkling light strip

Like the stars in the night sky

Especially suitable for the festive environment

Add boundless joy to all kinds of festival activities

The fountain of happiness