What are the types of sockets, do you know?

- Nov 08, 2019-

What are the types of sockets, do you know?


Sockets are divided into two categories, which can be divided into two categories: 1. Power sockets; 2. Weak power sockets.Power socket is connected to 220V voltage. Household appliances rely on it.

Weak power sockets are mainly used for some multimedia transmission data, computer sockets, telephone sockets and TV sockets are all weak sockets.

The Power socket, from the carrying current, is further divided into 10A, 16A, (20A) 25A.



This parameter is very important for the socket. This is the maximum rated current of the outlet. This parameter directly determines how much power can be plugged into this socket.

For example, the 10A socket, the maximum rated current is 10A, and the national voltage is 220V, then the electrical power that this socket can carry is 10A*220V=2200w, and 2.2 kW. Note that 2.2 kW is the maximum power it can carry. Actually we have to make proper reservations, leaving a 20% safety margin, and 2200*0.8=1760w. It can be seen that if the power of an electric appliance exceeds 1.8kw, it is a little dangerous to plug into the 10A socket.

what are the types pf socket do you know 2

The 16A socket is the same, and can carry electrical power of 2.8kw.

Of course, some electrical appliances do not have to worry, because the sockets of the 10A and 16A sockets are not the same. You take a 16A plug to plug in the 10A socket, which is not inserted. The reverse is also true.

So what appliances in the house need to use a 16A socket?

1. Air conditioning hangs; 2, electric water heaters.

Basically these two, but there are some high-power kitchen appliances, such as the oven, if the power exceeds 1800W, you also need to use the 16A socket.


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