What are the specifications for the installation of indoor distribution box?

- Feb 01, 2021-

What are the specifications for the installation of indoor distribution box?


The basic specification of indoor distribution box installation:

1. Strictly calculate the current to ensure three-phase balanced power supply.

2. The main switch over 80A shall be equipped with arc extinguishing blade.

3. There shall be no cavity in the box, and the cable inlet shall be closed by arc extinguishing.

4. No more than one earth terminal or neutral terminal shall be set in the same box.

5. It is strictly forbidden to place joints in the box.

6. In the same box, the group, diameter and quantity ratio of neutral and earth wires shall be arranged synchronously and orderly on the bus bar.

7. Two levels of indication shall be set up in the distribution box. One end of the construction side shall be subject to the construction drawing, and each line shall be provided. The other end of the user side shall be provided with accurate orientation.

8. The step-by-step tripping procedure should be established, and the fault action sequence should be from small to large.

9. The wire without ear treatment should be bent into "?" It is forbidden to connect cables of different sizes into the same hole side by side.

10. The watt hour meter shall be protected by the main switch, and it shall be strictly determined that all load terminals shall be closed from small to large, and then they shall be closed in sequence from large to small.

11. The current negative sensor is connected to the main position, and the open circuit is strictly prohibited.

12. Box grounding, box door grounding, box and all iron parts around the same ground.

13. All accessories of electrified facilities shall be made of high-quality copper, and iron parts (mainly including lug, screw, nut, gasket, bus bar, etc.) shall not be used.

14. The earth wire lug must be pressed horizontally, two in a group, and the group shall be leveled with gasket or nut. After completion, a horizontal line shall be overlapped, and it shall not be star, triangle or polygon.

15. Each group of circuits is connected independently to ensure that the appearance and power supply status of other groups of circuits will not be affected during disassembly.

16. It is not allowed to have more than one wire in one hole. If it is unavoidable, it is necessary to crimp and connect multiple wires into a single wire lug.

17. The circuit is clear, the stay wire is flat, and the neutral and earth wires are bound separately.

18. The tie and adhesive tape are evenly distributed without falling off or scattering.

19. The upper and lower parts of the phase line should be the same, which should be represented by yellow, green and red respectively. The color and phase should not be disordered.

20. All screws and connectors shall be firm and reliable without looseness.

21. Safety warning signs shall be established, and the signs on the box door shall be eye-catching.

22. After the completion of the distribution box, the internal and external parts should be opened and closed smoothly, especially the test button, which should be free of obstruction and automatic reset quickly.

23. The cables should not be placed in the box with the top heavy and the bottom light. They should be clear on the left and right and even up and down.