What are the safety precautions for lighting distribution boxes?

- Feb 13, 2019-

The lighting distribution box is a basic power distribution device that integrates the residual current action protector and the air circuit breaker reasonably in the interior thereof to realize centralized control of the home power supply, and protection functions such as grounding, overload, and short circuit. There are also busbars with protective grounding wires and neutral wires in the interior to facilitate wiring of various low-voltage power distribution systems (T T, TN, IT systems). So, what are the safety precautions for lighting distribution boxes?

1. Improper use of lighting distribution box increases the failure rate of lighting distribution box. Jinqiang Electric recommends that you use high-quality low-resistance products (such as low-resistance fuses), which not only reduces losses, but also reduces the number of distribution boxes. Concentrated heat to extend the life of the device. In addition, the safety margin of some equipment should be appropriately increased. Because the ambient temperature in the lighting distribution box is relatively high, the balance of the current carrying capacity of the wire should be enlarged by one specification; without changing the rated current of the fuse, the size of the fuse is appropriately enlarged, and the base is burned out. The chances will be reduced.

2. Improper installation process, causing the connector to overheat and burn. Some electricians do not press the wiring nose when replacing the lead wire, and use a multi-strand wire to make the wire screw connection. As a result, the lead wire is blown shortly after the wire is changed. Some manufacturers produce lighting distribution boxes, the sub-line overlaps the screw on the bus, the heat dissipation is not good, and the load is naturally a fault.

3. When adding a load, consider whether the newly added current exceeds the rated current of the air circuit breaker that controls the circuit. When it is exceeded, it needs to be replaced with an air circuit breaker of the corresponding capacity. Power off before replacing the air circuit breaker, and fix it firmly after replacement.