What are the precautions for lighting distribution box installation?

- Feb 20, 2019-

Before installing the lighting distribution box, be sure to buy the equipment involved, then measure the rated current of the household circuit and the working voltage. Configure a similar distribution box according to the power supply of the household circuit, and then design a new one. The wiring diagram of the lighting distribution box is constructed and installed through the wiring diagram of the lighting distribution box, so that the whole process goes down and the installation is very convenient.

1. The lighting distribution box is divided into two types: metal casing and plastic casing. There are two types of lighting installation and concealed installation. The cabinet must be intact.

2. The wiring and busbars of the lighting distribution box should be set up with zero line, protective grounding wire and phase line respectively, and they must be intact and have good insulation.

3, the air switch installation frame should be smooth and unobstructed and have enough space, should be installed in the dry, ventilated parts, and no obstructions, easy to use. Never install the power distribution box inside the cabinet to prevent fire.

4. The distribution box of the lighting distribution box should not be installed too high. The general installation elevation is 1.8 meters for operation; the electric tube of the input distribution box must be fixed with the locking nut.

5. If the distribution box of the household distribution box needs to be opened, the edge of the hole shall be smooth and smooth. When the distribution box is buried in the wall, it shall be vertical and horizontal, leaving a gap of 5~6 mm at the edge, and wiring in the distribution box. Should be regular and tidy, the terminal screws must be tightened.