What are the Instagram's three major marketing mistakes?

- Aug 02, 2019-

What are the Instagram's three major marketing mistakes?


About 70.7% of brands are now using Instagram marketing, of course JUNON switch & socket company is one of them, and Instagram users are growing dramatically, but even if the trend is clear, many brands still have doubts about choosing Instagram to promote products and brands.

Myth 1: running an Instagram account takes a lot of time

Many people may think that Instagram accounts require a lot of time and manpower to operate, not only PO-text every day, but also share the brand's every moment with fans.

In fact, no matter where a social media product or brand is being promoted, it takes a proper pace to produce a multiplier effect. Companies need to find a sustainable push rhythm on a daily basis, looking for a coherent content style, so that post posting is consistent and consistent.

In addition, there are many community management tools that can help brands regularly update posts, and even allow a post to be updated on different platforms at the same time, and further track the effectiveness of the post. These tools can greatly save the energy of multi-platform operations and allow operators to focus more on the operation and output of content.

The brand can properly arrange the time for content conception and distribution, and correspond with popular trends or festivals to send messages, use instant nature to increase the number of fans, do not have to conceive and send new posts every day, but also slowly cultivate long-term concern for brand users.

Myth 2: Products or services that don't win visually don't fit into Instagram

Instagram's second myth -- how many service-oriented businesses are blocked by the fact that you can only market on Instagram if you use images to present and win with vision!

Indeed, what is fascinating about Instagram is that every post can make users enjoy and impact visually. The ability to have pictures to have text greatly improves the user experience. In Instagram marketing, pictures are of course the key. But companies with more abstract services, even if they can not win visually, still have an advantage on Instagram.

Brands can attract users 'attention by sharing their own founding stories, photos or videos related to service content, or they can use new and interesting pictures to share knowledge and trends related to the company or industry, combining brands with life and emotions. Compared with the visually winning beauty makeup and fashion industry, such Instagram marketing is closer to users and can enter users 'hearts, thereby increasing consumers' trust in the brand, and even reversing consumers 'traditional impression of the industry. Then achieve the effect of eye absorption, stimulate sharing and promotion.

For example, the following figure shows the Instagram post of Wells Ferguson, a bank that can run Instagram with interesting financial stories or life topics to make banking services look more interesting.

Myth 3: post effectiveness tracking difficulties

Admittedly, in the past, Instagram's effectiveness tracking was difficult. Brands have to use third-party tools to track data, but now this recognition is out of date!

Since Instagram started its business model, in addition to allowing the brand to further connect to Facebook's (JUNON switch also have its own facebook ID: JUNON China) corporate home page and increase its exposure, it also has an Instagram built-in analysis tool. The brand can directly track the audience's age, gender, and region on the platform, and further understand the participation of the post, the number of displays, and the growth rate of fans.


Anyway, hope these 3 points above can help the ones who made these same mistake before, as well as JUNON, we will improve it and hope we can get successful in Instagram to sell our Switch & Socket!