Wall WIFI with USB socket wiring teaching

- Sep 06, 2019-

Wall WIFI with USB socket wiring teaching


JUNON wall WiFi with USB socket

Wall Wifi with USB socket wiring teaching1

Wiring procedure

Wall Wifi with USB socket wiring teaching2

Wall Wifi with USB socket wiring teaching3

Remove the live wire and neutral wire access terminal from the total power supply. Do not distinguish the live wire or neutral wire and insert the tightening screw directly. Then find the port of the plugged network cable and insert the network cable into the corresponding port. Then turn on the power, turn on the wall WiFi switch, and start setting up the network configuration.


Network Settings - Mobile Edition

1. First, open the phone's settings, click on the wireless LAN, find the wall-mounted WiFi account, and click Connect.


2. Open the browser, enter the URL "" on the manual, click to go, there will be an account login, we enter the account password “admin” on the manual to log in to the system page.


3. Select the “PPPoE” option, start setting the relevant content, and input the account and password given by the network operator to the corresponding frame. For example, if your network operator is telecommunications, when you go to deal with the internet formalities, you can fill in the user account password given by the operator. Note: The account password of each household is different.


4. Click Next to enter the network settings interface. This interface is setting the WiFi name and password. This is the name we will use to search for WiFi with mobile devices. We can set it according to your preferences, and the password needs at least 8 digits.


5. Click OK, the system will automatically restart the wall WiFi, need to wait. Or the user can choose not to wait directly to press the reset button. When the WiFi restart is over, we can find that the WiFi signal just connected is gone.


6. We return to the desktop, open the settings, find the wireless network, we can find the name of the WiFi just set, click on the connection, and then enter the password just set, complete. Finally open the browser to check if you can access the Internet.


The above is the mobile version of the network configuration of Wall WiFi with USB charging socket, simple and clear operation method.


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