V20 Multimedia Box

- Aug 31, 2019-

V20 Multimedia Box


With the improvement of living standards, the number of household appliances has gradually increased, and the problem of home wiring has become a distress in life. Guangdong JUNON Songtian Electrical Appliance Co Ltd, the professional manufacturer of switch and socket , distribution box and LED light , has launched the V20 multimedia wiring box to solve the troubles of home wiring messy and dirty, let you enjoy the happiness of life and become your life manager.

V20 Multimedia box 1

V20 Multimedia box 2

V20 Multimedia box 3

Appearance feature

1. Appearance: Designed by the international top design company, the cover pattern “beating notes” is perfect, fashionable and fun, and the hollow design of the cover is good for the heat dissipation of the cabinet.

2.Cover: With the high quality PC material, flame retardant, not yellow, durable and beautiful, does not affect the emission of WIFI signal

3. Bottom box: 1.0 cold-rolled plate material, full-folded design effectively improves the bottom box's pressure resistance, 0.1mm powder thickness is more effective moisture-proof


Six innovation details

1. Fiber splice tray for easy fiber introduction and wire storage

2. Built-in new ONU flip frame for easy installation of Modem

3. Built-in level, easy positioning, help you solve the problem of box skew

4. The external wiring hole of the antenna facilitates the external connection of the antenna, effectively expanding the coverage of 30%, making the WIFI signal stronger and more stable.

5. Built-in plastic flip frame, easy to store internal equipment, easy to connect Modem, more convenient maintenance

6. Built-in intelligent cooling fan automatically adjusts the temperature inside the box. When the temperature of the box is higher than 40 degrees Celsius, the fan starts automatically; when the temperature inside the box is lower than 40 degrees Celsius, the fan stops working.


V20 multimedia wiring box’s body size specification, close to the industry standard 400X300X120mm, and clear planning function partition in the box, users can freely match the function module, or choose the official combination to meet the various needs of users.


There may be a lot of disappointments and troubles in life, but there are always solutions and people appearing, just like JUNON V20 multimedia wiring box, we can't take care of it. Let's try it and let it become the exclusive "home" of the family. .