V16 multimedia cabling box

- Aug 17, 2019-

V16 multimedia cabling box

As the world's top 500 companies, Evergrande Group, in addition to operating football clubs, also involves real estate, tourism, health, high-tech and other industries, of which the real estate industry is particularly outstanding.

V16 multimedia cabling box 1

JUNON Buyer Show | Evergrande Longjiang Jade

Evergrande Longjiang Jade is located in the east side of Longjiang Middle School in Longjiang Town, Shunde. It is surrounded by Yingxin Square and Cultural Square. The main axis of urban development, mature commercial and residential facilities, European style royal gardens, privately enjoy the platinum clubhouse, the taste is extraordinary.


The living room is a warm and characteristic Southeast Asian style. The design of the JUNON V16 multimedia cabling box installed near the porch is completely no violation with the design of the whole house. This is the match charm of the V16 multimedia box, adapting to a variety of home decoration styles, even the distinctive Southeast Asian style can be controlled, and one word is "strong"!

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JUNON V16 wiring box, white cover match wall color, that is plain and pure, the main responsibility is to manage the multimedia equipment at home, finishing the wiring to keep it clean and beautiful. It is very similar to the image of the mother, who make the family well organized every day and is an indispensable part of the family. It is also like the morning glow of Southeast Asia, bringing a touch of vitality to the whole house.


After visiting the Evergrande Longjiang Jade, we felt that there was many greening around the area, the community was well-equipped, and the style of the house was very distinctive, which choose Southeast Asian style with warm tone. The matching home improvement brand is also the well-known large enterprises with guaranteed quality. What struck me is that the JUNON V16 multimedia cabling box can also be integrated into this style without any sense of contradiction.

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Finally, I would like to thank Evergrande Real Estate for its trust in JUNON products and choose our JUNON multimedia cabling box. As a well-known enterprise in Foshan, JUNON Electric is working hard all the time. It is expected to create home boutique for consumers, and both appearance and quality will be online to create more cost-effective products for the benefit of the public.