- Jun 27, 2019-



Scientific and technological progress changes after the industrial revolution

Electronic information technology is gradually integrated into life. "Socket" also develops accordingly. The socket combined with USB interface becomes its new highlight and the socket for the convenience of life and welcome. Last year, the state introduced safety standards for such products. Select high quality products according to standards. Small make up recommend handsome, JUNON RJ 86 series USB socket.


What is it? Why People love it so much

USB socket is a safe power saving universal socket

Belongs to the weak current electronic product

The output power is about 5v

The appearance of it

Unique arc design

Smooth streamlining trend

It feels comfortable to touch

Colorful panel

I'm free to change combinations


Its features

1. Protective door drive

The USB interface of the socket adopts the open USB protection door

It can be protected USB interface

It is also a USB power switch

Open the protection door to connect the USB charging power

The indicator light on the interface will be on

Indicates that the power supply is normally used

Unplug the cable when not in use

When the protection door is closed, the USB power supply will be cut off

No load power consumption is saved

The protection valve will close automatically

Avoid dust on USB interface

Affect the service life of socket

Or the appearance of bad contact

2. Fast

The USB socket USES direct current

Change a strong current into a weak one

The socket provides 1000mA of current

High current charges quickly

3 .flexible connection

The USB jack has just the right tightness

Not too baggy or too tight

After 5000 times of plug force test

The insertion and extraction strength is guaranteed

4. Easy to use

Inside the USB module of the socket,

Contains electronic components such as transformers,

Ac to dc, low voltage output,

Enable you to charge directly using the data cable

Convenient and quick

The scope of its application

With the use of USB sockets

The same type of socket is widely used in life

And it's particularly widespread

Audio and video products, digital products, remote control

Communication products, household appliances, security products

Toys, computer products, fitness equipment, etc


When decorating, you can also use the USB socket

Install at least one USB socket in each room

Convenient mobile phone, mobile power charging

The living room needs it

In short, it has a wide range of applications

Have endless development space

The connection mode of "it"


USB socket application

In addition to bring a lot of convenience to our lives

It's also about the quality of our lives

Has an impact beyond imagination

However, its future development needs to be optimized

Generally speaking, it is right to keep pace with The Times

The future has you and I have handsome

Harmony and beauty