Tips for choosing A COB Down Light

- Aug 09, 2019-

Tips for choosing A COB Down Light


COB down lights has become an important part of large area interior decoration. Many interior designers prefer down lights as it does not take up much space, while creating relaxing atmosphere. The question is how to choose their size, color, power supply, and beam angle?


Tips 1: Recessed light should have good heat dissipation aluminum shell (radiator)

High temperature inside the lamp body reduces brightness and service life. Radiator is the device that help conduct heat away from inside to outside the recessed light. If the unit is too small, excessive heat will be trapped. According to the search, maintaining the temperature as low as possible helps increase the brightness. The low junction temperature reduces chance of deterioration of semi-conductors of the LED lamps as well. Why using aluminum radiator? It is because heat transfer of aluminum (250 W/m.k) is higher than other material such as iron (80 W/m.k).

Tips for choosing A COB Down light1

Tips 2: Reliable driver (power supply)

The reliability of driver (power supply) affects the life span of LED down light. The LED power driver is of 3 types, namely constant-current, voltage-stabilized and AC type. The constant-current type is self-explanatory. For the voltage-stabilized driver, the output DC voltage varies with the magnitude of the load resistance within a small range. The smaller the load resistance, the lower the output voltage. AC drive circuits generally go through steps such as step-down voltage, rectification, filtering, voltage stabilization (or steady current), so that the AC power is converted into a DC power supply, and then a suitable operating current is provided to the LED through the drive circuit.

For low-power LED downlights, constant-current power supply is the most ideal because the structure is simpler, easier to install and provides reliable dimming function.

Tips for choosing A COB Down light2

Tips 3: Select the best LED chips

The mainstream brands of LED chip include Bridgelux, CREE, OSRAM, Samsung, San an and so on. They have different price, lighting efficiency and color rendering index (CRI). Generally, if the recessed lights adopt Bridgelux. CREE and OSRAM, SanAn LED chips, the lighting efficiency and quality will not be low.


Another importance is that we have to look the CRI. High CRI means you can see the real color of the objects. How high should it be? For indoor and household use, CRI of 80 gives satisfactory results. If the lights are applied to museum or commercial art gallery, it should have at least 90. For your reference, sunlight has the highest CRI value of 100. And thus, you can always see the real color under sunshine.
Tips for choosing A COB Down light3

Tips 4: Color temperature affects the atmosphere

In order to create your own favorable style, it is necessary to select the right color temperature for the recessed downlights. LED has the advantage of wide range of color temperature option. For home or commercial use, the color temperatures have the ranges of 3000-3500K (warm white), 4000-4500K (neutral white) or 5700-5700K (cool white light). The lower color temperature (warm or yellowish light) gives a warm and cozy feeling, while high color temperature lighting is refreshing, which is suitable for office and retails shops.

Tips 5: Size of recessed downlights

The common downlight sizes are 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 inches (diameter). You can consider select the large size lamps for higher ceiling because the power and brightness of the lamps usually increase with its size. 4, 5 and 6 inches are the mainstream size of the lamp, which usually gives 9 to 13 watt.

Tips for choosing A COB Down light4

Tips 6: Select the right beam angle

The lights having large beam angle means the light beam spread wider as indicated in the above graph. For large angle such as 90 & 120 degrees, it offers more uniform illumination, however, the brightness is usually lower because the light spreads to larger area. If you need concentrated lighting instead, you can have 15 or 30 degree, such as for your display cupboard and as a wall washer.

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