Thing to Remember - Circuit Breaker

- Jan 31, 2021-

Thing to Remember - Circuit Breaker


Below 5 things you need to remember during installing the Circuit Breaker

1)  At the time of installing of MCB, ensure that the MCB does not give unwanted tripping despite of compliance with the Wiring Regulation and without over loading.

2)  Install proper type of Miniature Circuit Breaker according to load, sometimes, for electric motors or low voltage lighting, the use of a type B MCB may give unwanted tripping. Installing of  type C Miniature Circuit Breaker solves this problem.

3)  Type D Miniature Circuit Breaker may be installed after consultation with qualified engineer to avoid any problem later on.

4)  Generally, type B Miniature Circuit Breaker is sufficient for normal resistive loads. However, in some commercial and industrial units where at the time of starting, either motors or special lighting or data equipment may adversely affect the Miniature Circuit Breaker, in such case it is necessary to use type C characteristic Miniature Circuit Breaker

5)  In industrial units where compressor motors are used, if type B and C of Miniature Circuit Breaker are not able meet the requirements then use of type D Miniature Circuit Breaker is necessary.