The Wiring of A Distribution Board

- May 15, 2020-

The Wiring of A Distribution Board

The wiring of a distribution board

The wiring a Distribution Board (DB) is vital in any electrical installation. All the electrical sub circuits are originated from a Distribution Board. The Main feeder cable to the Distribution Board should be able to handle the total power anticipated when all the sub circuits in the Distribution Board are in use. A Sub Circuit can be an electric cable distributing power to few lights, or a socket outlet/s through a MCB device or a Fuse in the Distribution Board. Here we are considering a Distribution Board with MCBs (Miniature Circuit Breakers) for power distribution.

Method of Wiring

We are considering that the DB used here will power 5 pcs. Lighting Sub Circuits, 2 pcs 13A Radial Circuits for Socket outlets and 01 nos. 16A Circuit for an AC unit. Each lighting sub circuit will be connected to about 8 pcs. of Light points in this example. The rating for the DB is 60A, Single Phase, at 230V. So the Feeder Cable or the Main Incoming cable should be 16mm2 of cross sectional area for Phase and Neutral cables,which can be used for a 60A electrical load.


Distribution Board Wiring and Installation.

Sub Circuit wiring has been discussed in detail for 1W Light, 2W Light, 5A ,13A and 16A Socket outlets etc. These needs to be wired prior to wiring of the DB unit so that when the DB is installed, these circuits can be connected to the DB.


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