The usage regulation of the electric leakage breaker

- Apr 06, 2020-

The usage regulation of the electric leakage breaker



1. The ambient temperature should not be too high, the standard temperature is 30 ℃, the bimetallic sheet in high temperature environment is excessively bent, which may cause disoperation

2. Humidity should not be too high. Excessive humidity will oxidize the internal metal parts and reduce the insulation performance

3. The dust shall not be too heavy, and the mechanism will be stuck due to the dust particles entering the interior



1. The cross-sectional area of the connecting wires is appropriate, and the connection of the incoming and outgoing wires is stable. The longer the wire used, the thinner the wire, the greater the internal resistance of the wire, the more severe the heat, after a certain time, the insulation of the wire may melt due to overheating, resulting in a short circuit and even a fire.

2. Limited voltage tolerance of internal electronic components. Don't use table wave insulation, universal outlet end of testing insulation resistance, with overvoltage protection class > 6 m Ω, insulation resistance without overvoltage protection class for infinity

3. The power line is connected from the top (from the top line to the bottom line)



1. The position indicator of the circuit breaker shall correspond to the signal of the indicator light and the indicator meter.

2. Before the circuit breaker is closed, the relay protection shall be checked and put into operation according to the regulations. The load arrangement should be considered before switching off.

3. When the number of trip of circuit breaker is close to the maintenance cycle, the reclose shall be removed

4, hydraulic mechanism in the abnormal pressure signal issued, do not operate the spring energy storage mechanism. When the energy storage signal is issued, do not close the operation.

5. After the circuit breaker is closed, it shall be confirmed that the three phases have been connected and the automatic device has been set in accordance with the provisions, but it is generally not allowed to close the circuit breaker with manual machinery.

6, during operation, the control switch should not return too fast, should wait for the red, green signal issued before letting go, so as to avoid the opening, closing coil short-time power and refuse to move. The electromagnetic mechanism should not return too slowly to prevent auxiliary switch failure and burn off the closing coil.