The Process of MCB Selection

- Jul 17, 2020-

The Process of MCB Selection

Have you ever wondered what keeps the circuit intact?

The process of MCB selection

As the famous saying goes, ‘Power always brings with it, its own set of responsibilities’, so does the electric power circuit: it comes with the responsibility of protecting our homes. The most common problem with the circuits is the overflow of current. Hence, to control the chaos caused due to the excess current flow, circuit breakers are installed. If you are confused about MCB and how to select the ideal one, here is an extensive guide for understanding about MCB selection process.

Selection procedure

Now that you know about the types of MCB, you should analyze the kind that would best suit your household device. Before choosing the type of MCB, it is essential to find out a few technical details. 

First, check what voltage and frequency with which the device functions, like if it is AC or DC. 

Next, note the starting current load and trip characteristics. Additionally, see if there are any extra features like a manual or automatic reset and about safety approvals. 

Sometimes, the operating conditions, like the temperature, corrosion and radiation, may contribute to choosing the correct MCB. Although the current rating is the primary deciding factor, it is better to analyze other factors before investing in the MCB as it plays an important role in preventing electrical hazards at your place.

Although electricians are better at deciding the type of MCB to be installed, it is good to know and understand a wide variety of concepts, especially about the things used in day-to-day life. Effective installation of miniature circuit breakers can ensure safety and protection of all the electrical systems across households and industries.