The main advantages of efficient energy-saving lamps

- Feb 06, 2021-

The main advantages of efficient energy-saving lamps


1.  High energy saving: Radiate energy-saving lamps can save more than 65% energy compared with traditional fluorescent lamps under the premise of guaranteeing the lighting effect and the same brightness.

2.  High illumination: illumination is equivalent to 4 times of ordinary fluorescent lamps.

3.  High safety: the lamps are made of high quality flame retardant plastics, with fireproof, insulating properties, bright and clean, dustproof functions. The overall height is sealed to avoid nudity

The lamp is easy to leakage injury or short circuit fire risk.

4.  High light transmittance: the lampshade has lighting efficiency enhancement function, high light transmittance, shockproof and pressure-proof, strong and durable.

5.  High life: service life up to 25000 hours or more.

6.  High return: recover investment in more than 10 months, save electricity expenses, reduce costs for the enterprise and increase profits.

7.  High promotion: the lamps and lanterns are beautiful, clean and bright, which will make the environment take on a new look.

8. High convenience: the use of sealed overall design, easy to clean,

9. High protection: low power energy-saving lamp, effectively reduce light pollution, light brightness and illumination close to natural light, use process without strobe, thus reducing

It can cause damage to eyes and effectively protect eyesight.

10.High mute: the ballast of the energy-saving lamp is silent design, realizing no noise lighting.