The differences between common live wire switch and non-common live wire switch

- May 09, 2019-

The differences between common live wire switch and non-common live wire switch

It’s time for science knowledge.

I don’t know if we have found that the switches used abroad are not the same as those we used in our country. Although the appearance is very similar, there is a lot of internal matter. What is the difference between the common live wire switches in China and non-common live wire switches in foreign countries?


1. Different structure

Common live wire: refers to a few sets of switches which use a common live cable, following the principle of one in and out.

 common live wire switch

Non-common live wire: means that each switch has its separate live wire and there is no common live wire. Each group is independent.

non-common live wire switch


2. Different price and cost

Due to the structural differences, the cost of common live wire is lower than that of non-common live wire. So the market price of non-common live wire products is higher than that of common live wire products.


3. Different standard

The inspection of export product is more strict. Products that need to pass the international recognized IEC test can be sold abroad. The common live wire switch does not meet the IEC test standards, so most of the exported products are non-common live wire products.


4. Different wiring difficulties

The common live wire structure is simple for non-common live wire, so the wiring difficulty is also relatively small and the cost is low. Since each group of non-common live wire products has a separate live wire, they don’t interfere with each other’s safety and durability.


So that’s the difference between a common live wire switch and a non-common live wire switch, do you understand now?

In fact, different countries have different standards of judgment on products. If you want to sell your products in this country, you must pass the required standards to achieve it. As the saying goes, a nation has its’ rule and a family also has one! Any product needs a standard to determine good or bad.


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