The difference between a distribution box and a power supply cabinet

- Jul 23, 2019-

The difference between a distribution box and a power supply cabinet

Conceptual distinction

1.   Distribution box

The difference between a distribution box and a power supply cabinet1

The distribution box is a small power distribution box that contains a power switch and a safety device. The structure is relatively simple and is mostly used for terminal power distribution. The distribution box is the last primary distribution facility in the power supply system. 

One distribution box can be a power supply feed line and multiple power supply output loops. From the distribution box, the power supply output loop is drawn to each power load. Due to the small size of the distribution box, it can not be placed in large distribution equipment. 

Therefore, the capacity of the distribution box is not large. Generally, 4-8 small loads are used as a distribution box. The distribution box is arranged in the center of the power supply load and the electricity is sent to the load with cable or wire.

2. Distribution cabinet

The difference between a distribution box and a power supply cabinet2

The distribution cabinet is the upper distribution equipment of the distribution box, and its volume is large. Among them, larger electrical equipment can be placed. Therefore, it is generally used as a distribution equipment with medium capacity load, including distribution boxes and motors. Its applicable capacity varies in various process fields, generally between a few kilowatt and a few dozen kilowatts. 

On the basis of the traditional distribution box to provide leakage protection and short circuit protection, it also provides overpressure protection, fire and power outage, lightning protection, automatic power supply, temperature protection, power limit, fault record, self-inspection function, learning memory, mobile interconnection visualization and digitization.

Functional distinction
Simply saying, the box that distributes electrical energy is called a distribution box. The distribution box is mainly used for the control and distribution of electrical equipment, and plays a protective role in the overload, short-circuit, and leakage of electricity on the line. The distribution box is installed in various places such as schools, institutions, hospitals, factories, workshops, families, etc., such as illuminated distribution boxes, power distribution boxes, etc.. The distribution box is small in size and can be hidden in the wall and can stand on the ground.

Whether it is a distribution box or a power supply cabinet is not desirable in people's daily life infrastructure. Some people are not aware of the importance of the distribution box and the power supply cabinet. They arbitrarily shelve items on them, and even maliciously damage the power distribution facilities, which is not conducive to the development of the power grid circuit system.