The difference and usage of socket between 16A and 10A

- Aug 15, 2020-

The difference and usage of socket between 16A and 10A


In our daily life, the use of electrical appliances is very frequent. And now more and more electrical power is higher, then how should we choose socket when decorating a house?


Conventional sockets have 16A and 10A, which had better not be used interchangeably. The power level is different. Plugs vary in size. It may not match the socket and cannot be plugged in.


What are the differences between 10A and 16A sockets?


1. Appearance difference: for 10A, there are five holes: 1 three-hole and 1 two-hole; the 16A is a three-hole plug, which is wider than the 10A three-hole plug.


2. Use difference: from the use, 16A plug and 10A plug is not universal, 10A plug cannot be inserted into the 16A socket, of course, the other way around!


3, socket metal: 16A socket load current is greater than 10A socket, copper is also used more


4, bearing range: 16A socket can withstand 3000-3500 watts of electrical power, and 10A socket power is best controlled within 1800-2200 watts, otherwise prone to accidents.


Tips of choose and buy

1, first check the protection door, with a screwdriver or key into the side of the three holes any hole. With a little force, poke into is a unilateral protection door. The socket is clearly not safe enough.


2. In our daily life, air conditioning, washing machine, electric water heater, microwave oven and other home appliances need to be used to 16A socket. It seems that computers, televisions, refrigerators, etc. which are common in our home can be fully equipped with a 10A socket. So in general, we install more 10A sockets in our homes.


3, the use of 16A socket electrical appliances, generally the power is relatively large. We could have one or two in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. Had better also want to stay inside the sitting room one, convenient our daily use