The cold knowledge of lighting

- Aug 02, 2020-

The cold knowledge of lighting


On the choice of lamps, most people may notice the style and performance of the lamp, but below these details you cannot ignore



The sitting room advocate lamp that different dimensional size place suits is not same, to make lamps and room more harmonious, normally speaking, diameter or length of lamps is room length commonly width and 1/12, the area should not exceed room area 3%.


With 25㎡ small sized sitting room as an example, we can choose relatively exquisite sitting room lamp, whole won't be too big, at the same time contracted design also is a space ornament one time.

The cold knowledge of lighting 1



How should master the brightness of the sitting room, ensure the space after turning on the light is enough bright? Don't worry, remember the simple universal formula: lamp wattage = living room square meter X2 +5/6W

Take the sitting room above 30㎡ as an example, it can be matched with the sitting room lamp of about 100W.


Following the lighting design of basic lighting + auxiliary lighting, we can use 1 medium suction dome light as the basic lighting to meet the daily leisure needs, and add 4-6 down lights/spotlights and light belts as the auxiliary lighting to make the space more transparent and create atmosphere for different scenes.



It is better to choose multi-stage, three-stage or intelligent toning to meet the requirements of the atmosphere of different scenes.



Tips for no-master lamp design, please remember the following formula: Quantity = total light luminous flux/single light luminous flux x0.7x0.8.

The cold knowledge of lighting 2


How much did you get? Please feel free to contact me and share your lighting experience.