The Cause Of LED Light Decay

- Jun 28, 2020-

The Cause Of LED Light Decay

Poor drive quality:

LED lamp beads require operation under DC voltage, but our usual mains supply is AC voltage. To convert the mains to the DC voltage required for the LED bead, a device called "LED constant current drive" is required.

In theory, as long as the parameters of the driver match the LED light source, the power supply can be continuously used and used normally. The internal of the driver is more complicated. If any device (such as capacitors, rectifiers, etc.) fails, it may cause a change in the output voltage, which will cause the lamp to work unstable and cause the light to become dark and even burn out the LED lamp bead.

Drive damage is also a common failure phenomenon in LED luminaires, which can usually be solved after replacing the drive.

The cause of LED light Decay


JUNON LED BULB---LIANGYUE SERIES adopts DOB light source and drive integrated design, with patch-type closed-loop power inductor and winding fuse resistor, which can stabilize the output constant current and suppress the surge voltage and ensure the life of LED.


Although the LED light can not avoid the light decay phenomenon, the good brand LED light decay degree is different, it is fully achievable and exceeds the design life cycle. JUNON LIANGYUE Series LED BULB, the shell adopts the novel plastic package aluminum design. While ensuring safety, the heat dissipation problem is solved to the greatest extent, and the temperature of the product is effectively reduced to extend the life of the lamp bead.

No matter the technology and quality of the famous series of bulbs, all kinds of new materials and technologies can effectively guarantee the service life of the products, greatly reducing the phenomenon of light decay. Buy LED lights, the preferred JUNON.