The advantages of JUNON ultra-thin LED down light

- Jan 04, 2021-

The advantages of JUNON ultra-thin LED down light

The times are developing, but the housing space is shrinking. Effectively maximize the use of space, has become a compulsory course for renovation.

How to install the stylish down light of the station? Choose JUNON ultra-thin LED down light. Why to choose? Below advantages you should know.

The advantages of JUNON ultra-thin LED down light 1


A LED light to solve your problem

1. “Ultra-thin” design saves space. The "30mm" slim experience no longer confuses you with low ceiling mezzanine space.

2. "Fashion" appearance, "White with gold edge" "White with silver edge " "Sand Silver" appearance, breaking the traditional appearance of traditional down lights, interpretation of fashion definition, showing fashion style. The appearance of the power supply adds JUNON elements, breaks the traditional color dullness, designs a single black box, and leads the trend with JUNON elements.

3. "Separate" structure, "power supply" and "light body" are separated, connected by male and female plug-in, which effectively improves the convenience of installation and maintenance.


A LED light witnesses the quality of JUNON

1. The mask is made of high-quality aluminum, advanced stamping, lathe, oxidation process, fine workmanship, ensuring smooth and seamless

2. The diffuser is made of high-end PMMA material with high light transmission and no discoloration.

3. The radiator is stamped from advanced aviation aluminum, which is not easy to be deformed, has strong heat dissipation performance, and has a longer product life.

4. Electronic circuit board, independent research and development, using domestic well-known Aishi Electrolysis, strong product performance, output is more stable


A LED light with higher brightness

"Direct light" design, no shadow area compared to traditional LED lights, strong light efficiency, high color rendering, same wattage, higher brightness

Ultra-thin LED down light

A new design and development according to customer’s needs

Improve and optimize the market products

Incorporating JUNON elements

Achieve user-friendly products that are easy to use, practical, and convenient