That's how the switch works! 99% of people don't know

- May 08, 2019-

While the face of Captain Pearson

Appearance level may be important

As the first impression of person-to-person communication

But appearance alone is not enough

Its own strength is also the key


Though Mencius said,

"You can't have your cake and eat it too."

But there is

It's a bit of both

Guangdong JUNON Songtian Electric Appliance Co. LTD

RJ series connected switch and Socket

There are both of these properties


What exactly is a connected switch?

A single switch module is installed and mounted on the frame cover to combined

a gang switch Make it looks like a whole visual sense, and the integration of

the surface not only improve the ornamental, but also solve the problem of

the gap between the single switch frame cover.

switch and socket



Appearance level

"Arc" surface design, streamline trend, smooth not stuck, colorful,

stylish appearance, free matching of functional parts, practical convenience.

Strong Power

Gang frame cover design, prevent the existence of gap between the socket dust, seamless design effective dust. And take the texture is different from

other products, give a person a feeling of fondle admiringly.

switch wholesale


Perhaps a lot of owners are not very familiar with our gang frame cover for the switch and socket, even do not know which place installed the gang frame cover will be more appropriate, today JUNON solve the problem for everyone, out of the mystery.

Take a commercial housing of 90 square meters as an example

Explains the application of a cover in detail


Above is an interior decoration of a house

We can calculate from the overall design

About 50 PCS switches sockets are needed


1.    One way switch need 20 PCS

It is used for air conditioner, water heater,

refrigerator, range hood, ventilator and fish tank


2. Two gang + One gang switch with two gang frame need 10-20 PCS

For bedroom entrance, corner from the ground socket,

balcony lighting appliances, sofa on both sides


3, Three gang frame for switch and socket need 2-3 PCS

It can be applied to all kinds of light control areas

at the entrance of the living room, kitchen work station, etc


4, Four gang frame for switches Socket and dimmer: 1-2 PCS

For the position of ark of the head of a bed in the bedroom, desk office area


5. Five gang frame for switch ,TV socket, Pin socket: 2-3 PCS

For TV background wall Etc

Basically more than two (including two) side by side switch

can be used with a gang frame cover



The house decorated with the gang cover is simple and generous,

Not only can managing cost to still can prolong the service life of socket,

Also more safety

Moreover, the electrician can also use our fourth-generation combined plastic base box,

which is more convenient to install and does not need to adjust too many positions,

saving time and labor. Even decent cover application is suitable for many families,

to meet different needs, free collocation.

junnon switch


The market situation

Now a lot of consumer are right even decent cover how to go appropriate buy insufficient understanding, electrician is met for seeking convenient to unite the unit face that buys corresponding amount to cover, but the budget that can increase owner so.



How to be a smart owner?

If you find the design company is professional enough, then in the initial design drawing, you can clearly know where the switch socket to be installed, the same place will be installed in the number of side by side switch socket, smart you just need to write down side by side, you can according to the type and quantity of side by side to buy. In the process of purchasing switch socket by yourself, choose and buy the corresponding cover. If be unfortunate, did not indicate on drawing, you also can communicate with electrician according to actual use circumstance, express the intention that wants to use to connect decent cover, let electrician buy bill according to the actual installation circumstance of switch socket.



As a savvy "appearance" society expert

I'm sure you've learned

How does the small skill of switch of join body of choose and buy

JUNON RJ series with a gang cover

Save money and space for the owner

Save time and procedure for electrician

An individual who is equal in appearance and strength

You deserve it !


-- the END --