Teach you hand by hand, how to choose bedroom ceiling light

- Feb 05, 2021-

Teach you hand by hand, how to choose bedroom ceiling light?


Choose power and size according to bedroom area.

Because room area is different, the power that the bedroom needs to absorb dome light and dimension also differ somewhat. The larger the space, the greater the area of illumination, in order to avoid the lack of illumination to form a dark Angle, the corresponding ceiling lamp power and size will be higher; The space is smaller, illumination area is smaller also, wall reflection light is concentrated, so the absorption of small power small size dome light can satisfy demand.


Bedroom absorption ceiling light quick check table

3-8㎡ small bedroom option Ceiling light   with diameter 260mm and power 12W

5-10㎡ bedroom option Diameter 330mm   power 18W ceiling lamp

Bedroom options   ranging from 8-15㎡ Ceiling light   with diameter of 400mm and power of 24W


For example, in the bedroom of 10 square meters in the picture above, the choice is 24W Bull Love Eye LED ceiling light, with a diameter of 40.4cm. For from power, of 24W absorb dome light can let whole bedroom light is sufficient, even and bright. Overall, this ceiling lamp and bedroom ceiling space in proportion to the size of the appropriate, presenting a harmonious and beautiful visual effect