Switch & socket terminal evaluation

- Oct 07, 2020-

Switch & socket terminal evaluation


From the selling point, JUNON’s innovative V-shaped terminal is more dominant. It connects 6 square and 1.5 square single-core wires at the same time, which is stable and not easy to loosen, effectively restraining the situation of poor contact due to loosening of the wires and potential fire hazards Appears, which is high safety performance. Ordinary U-shaped terminals compared with it, the stability is relatively weak.


Wiring space comparison

Switch and socket terminal evaluation 1

Example 1: Put a 6-square and 1.5-square single-core wire into the V-shaped terminal of switch & socket. Observe that the internal space of the terminal is relatively surplus. Put two 1.5-square single-core wires in succession to just fill them up, and then tighten the screws to fix.

Experimental results: The V-shaped terminal can accommodate three 1.5 square + one 6 square single-core wires.

Switch and socket terminal evaluation 2

Example 2: According to the above steps, put a 6 square and 1.5 square single-core wire into the U-shaped terminal of switch & socket, but it is observed that the terminal has no extra space to accommodate other wires. Try again with a 1.5 square wire it didn't work either, and finally gave up struggling and tightened the screws.

Experimental results: U-shaped terminals can only accommodate one 6 square + one 1.5 square single-core wire.


Conclusion: V-type terminals of switch & socket have larger wiring space than U-type terminals.