Switch socket maintenance of the 4 secrets

- Jan 24, 2021-

Switch socket maintenance of the 4 secrets


Electric Safety University asked, switch socket maintenance of the 4 secrets, and learn to use the right life longer

Switch socket maintenance of the 4 secrets                                               

The first: Switches do not repeatedly open off

In our daily life, the home has a lot of switch, so we try not to go to repeatedly open and close the switch in the home, especially want to tell the children in the home, it is not safe, but repeatedly opening and closing, will also increase power consumption, on and off in the process of the switch parts caused by wear and tear, thus reduce the service life.


The second: Socket use sequence

Our home some socket with a switch, then the correct method of use socket should be, insert the plug of the appliances used first, and then turn on the switch to normal use, and when pull out the plug, should also turn off the switch, in carries on the operation, unplug the aim is to avoid the copper friction sparks between plug and receptacle, also reduced the wear of copper, so as to prolong service life. This is an operation that needs to get used to, and may not seem like a big deal to many people, but a small order can make a big difference over time.


The third: switch socket protection

Home installation switch socket, also should undertake the appropriate protection, especially in some damp space, such as kitchen and toilet of socket, had better hold the socket with protective cover, so that we can prevent the pollution of water vapor and oil, don't let the socket switch is damaged, is also a powerful protective measures to protect the safety of electricity, it is very important.


The fourth: clean switch socket

Socket switch is also can affect the life of the dust pollution, so we also want the extra pay attention to the switch socket, at ordinary times when cleaning, had better use dry cloth to dab a small amount of low concentration of alcohol is wiped, because alcohol volatile fast, don't let the switch socket be affected with damp be affected with damp, avoid by all means use water clean have smudgy socket, avoid the risk of electric shock.


About the switch socket electricity safety and correct use, there is a lot of knowledge, we must study well, create a safe and comfortable home.