Switch Socket and Breaker Questions & Answers

- Jul 20, 2019-

Switch Socket and Breaker Questions & Answers


With over 36-year experience, we're one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Now let JUNON switch & socket factory solve the bellows questions for you:


1. Q: The leakage circuit breaker has no grounding wire, will it has the leakage protection?

A: The leakage circuit breaker does not have a grounding wire. It also has t leakage protection, because it only connects to the live wire and the neutral wire. It does not need to access the ground wire itself.

Switch Socket and Breaker Questions$Answers1

2. Q: What material is the bus bar of the equipotential terminal box?

A:  The material of the bus bar is Copper.

3. Q: In a room, in five different places, how does the switch control a lamp?

A: There is seldom way to control a lamp in five different places in the room. If you want to achieve this kind of situation, you can try to use inter-Media switch .And how to wiring, please refer to the wiring method of the two way inter-media switch in the JUNON School.


4. Q: LJ series two pin and three pin socket with USB, how to convert AC 220V into 5V? Is there a transformer inside?

A: It has been transformed, and the USB port output is DC 5V.

Switch Socket and Breaker Questions$Answers2

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