Switch arrangement in home

- Apr 22, 2020-

Switch arrangement in home

When decorating, the switch arrangement should be combined with your own living habits.


1. Entering switch

The switch must be set at the entrance position to control the indoor light. The arrangement sequence of the switches is: porch light, living room main light, living room downlight. It's better to use a separate switch for the porch light, so it's easier to find the switch when you go home at night

Switch arrangement in home

2. Aisle switch

The switch is preferably arranged on the inner side of the aisle, with two pieces 2 gang 2 ways switch.

In this way, the main light and downlight of the living room can be controlled here in the corridor; another 2 gang 2 ways switch is arranged at the end of the corridor to control the aisle light. Don't need run back to the house to turn off the lights when you enter the room.

The switch sequence is the living room main light, living room downlight, aisle light.

3. Bedroom light

The master bedroom has a bathroom, which creates a small aisle. Here, lighting is also designed, which uses 2 gang 2 ways switch, one aisle light and one main light. The two sides of the bed head of the bedroom are also designed with switches to facilitate the control of the main light of the bedroom.


After the decoration is completed, the inspection and acceptance shall also be carried out for each switch, not only the light is on, but also the switch sequence shall be correct.