Surrendered=Telex Release ?

- Sep 01, 2019-

Surrendered=Telex Release ?


The word "Surrendered" or "Telex Release" is usually displayed on the bill of lading. Therefore, the electronic bill of lading is expressed in English as Surrendered BL or Telex Release BL, while Original BL is the original bill of lading.

JUNON switch company also always facing this same problem, and 50% of our customers need telex release.

According to the interpretation of the Oxford Dictionary of Modern Legal Terms, "Surrender" means "give up something" in legal terms. Therefore, the electronic bill of lading is marked with the word "issued", indicating that its issuer does not want to give the document the proper document function. The electronic bill of lading, on the other hand, indicates that the delivery of the goods under that document is different from that of the original bill of lading.

Most people feel that "Surrendered" and "Telex Release" are the same, or don't know whether the two are different. Technically, there's a difference.

1) A bill of lading with the words "Surrendered" indicating that the consignee designated by the shipper at the port of destination shall take delivery in its capacity.

2) An electronic bill of lading with the words "Telex Release" indicating that at the port of destination the consignee should deliver the goods by electronic fax of the bill of lading.

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