Something about USB socket

- Oct 21, 2020-

Something about USB socket


What is USB socket?

The USB socket is a safe and energy-saving universal socket with a USB interface.

Something about USB socket 1

Just connect the low-voltage electrical appliances with the USB socket on the universal switch with a USB plug cord to charge the low-voltage electrical appliances, and it also has the advantage of preventing the device from being connected to the power for a long time, extending the life of the device, saving electricity, and avoiding The advantages of hidden dangers. It is a weak current electronic product with an output voltage of about 5v.

Something about USB socket 2

Different transfer rates of USB sockets:

USB 1.0 transmission speed 1.5Mbps

USB 1.1 transfer speed 12MBps

USB 2.0 Full Speed (Full Speed) transfer speed 12MBps

USB 2.0 high speed (Hi Speed) transfer speed 480MBps

The maximum transmission bandwidth of USB 3.0 is up to 5.0Gbps, which are 640MB/s


Will the socket with USB charging port consume electricity when not in use?

Power consumption when not in use, taking the 2.4A USB charging socket as an example, the standby power consumption is ≤200mW.

JUNON's charging socket provides the switch to control the USB power supply function, which can prevent the USB charging socket from being charged for a long time, saving no-load power consumption and improving product life.


Scope of application

The USB charging socket is used to charge the USB interface electrical appliances, which is widely used in homes, offices and various commercial places.



1. This product combines two or three sockets with dual-channel USB charging sockets to supply power for ordinary appliances and USB interface appliances.

2. The USB charging socket is designed with microchip logic processing, which can provide a continuous and stable 5 V DC power supply, and has built-in over-voltage and overload (short-circuit) protection functions.

3. The installation of this product is simple, the same as that of ordinary two-three sockets.