Socket with Wifi

- Apr 03, 2019-

In order to meet the needs of large residential buildings, JUNON electrical launched a new socket with Wifi, commonly known as a wall-type 300m wirelss router.


Due to the large area of use of large residential buildings and the limited coverage of routers, certain parts of the home may be difficult to receive wifi signals.

What should we do at this time?

You may need a wall-type wireless router to meet your immediate needs, to supplement the local signal that the total routing can not cover, and to implement wifi residential full coverage.


This wall-type wireless router uses imported PC materials which is fire-proof and color no change

Also bring your own LAN interface to facilitate user access to a desktop or laptop


There is also a USB charger that can be used to charge a users mobile phone or other mobile device


In addition, the new socket also comes with its own wifi power button, which allows users to control the work of wifi.


There is also s clear indicator, the wifi indicator, to detect whether the wifi signal is normal.


WAN indicator to check if the wiring interface is working properly


SYS indicator to detect the system is normal


RESET restart button to restore the exit settings


The most important point is that this new socket contains two types of connections. One is a physical connection, it is inserted from a lead wire into a new wall switch to achieve a wired connection, and then the switch emits a wifi signal. This connection, the wifi signal is relatively stable

The other way is wifi relay.

This is a wireless connection that transmits wifi signals through the signal relay mode, but the wifi signal in this way is less stable

After all, signal stability is really more important, our socket with wifi can you’re your need.

Detailed connection methods refer to the instructions.

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