Socket With USB And WIFI, you deserve it !

- May 17, 2019-

Socket With USB And WIFI, you deserve it !

What is a WIFI repeater?

It is a hub with wireless signal transmission function, can provide a conversation point for multiple wireless internet devices.

What does it do?

Wireless repeater can expand the coverage of wireless signal effectively, even if far away from the router, can still enjoy the full signal and smooth network speed experience.

But if you put a repeater in every room

Decoration costs will be high and the room won’t be beautiful

How to solve this problem?

You can choose the socket which with wall WIFI function

For example: JUNON wall WIFI with USB socket

This type of product is equivalent to a WIFI relay station

Can effectively expand coverage

It can also be used to charge mobile devices

Convenient and user-friendly

And the wall-mounted WIFI doesn't take up much space

The actual operation is simple and the indication is clear

There are also separate switches to control WIFI

Full marks for humanized design


JUNON Socket With USB And WIFI,

New products, give you different enjoying

Charging & surfing the Internet

Beautiful looking is better than tradition one

Now wherever your router is installed

There is no blocking of WIFI signal in the whole house

JUNON Socket With USB And WIFI

You deserve it!

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