Reasonable selection of ballast - magnetic ballast

- May 25, 2020-

Reasonable selection of ballast - magnetic ballast

Fluorescent lamp ballast resistor is on current limiting effect and the production of instantaneous high pressure equipment, tubes to normal light, ballast points, electronic ballast and inductance ballasts.

Advantages of inductive ballasts

(1) Energy conservation. The electronic ballast of the fluorescent lamp USES 20 ~ 60kHz frequency to supply the lamp tube, so that the light efficiency of the lamp tube is increased by about 10% compared with the working frequency (according to the length of the lamp tube of 4 feet), and its own power consumption is low, so that the total input power of the lamp is reduced by about 20%, which has a better energy-saving effect.


(2) Eliminate stroboscopic, more stable luminescence. It can improve the visual resolution and improve the efficiency. Reduce the visual fatigue of continuous operation; it is helpful to protect eyesight.


(3) A more reliable starting point. Preheating the tube after a successful starting point, avoid many starting points.


(4) High power factor. Meet the national standard of 25W more than the fluorescent lamp, its power factor is higher than 0.95. However, it should be noted that the national standard sets a very high harmonic limit for lamps below 25W, so as to reduce their power factor to 0.7~0.8.


(5) Stable input power and output luminous flux: high quality products have good voltage stabilizing performance. When the power supply and voltage are deviated greatly, they can still maintain the constant power of the light source and stabilize the illumination, which is conducive to energy saving.


(6) Prolong the lamp tube life. The constant power of high quality products and the current drop of the lamp tube, as well as the reliable starting point and other factors can prolong the lamp tube life.


(7) Low noise. High quality electronic ballast noise up to 35db, people do not feel the noise.


(8) Light can be dimmed. For the need of dimming, such as: the original use of incandescent lamp or halogen tungsten lamp dimming place, replaced by high-efficiency fluorescent lamp with adjustable optoelectronic ballast, can achieve a wide range of dimming in 2%~100%.