Realistic picture of Rj series switch & socket

- Mar 18, 2020-

 Realistic picture of Rj series switch & socket


The Swan Bay district is located in Nanxin District, Jiangmen City. The exterior of the building wall has a retro European color structure. Exquisite and simple decoration style in the house, it’s elegant and interesting. The whole room is equipped with JUNON Rj series switch & socket, which is warm and soft, and the curved surface design makes the home more belonging.


Living room articles

Classic white color selection easy to match with different background walls and house styles, retaining the original decoration characteristics of the room, adding a little softness. The design of the switch & socket of the conjoined frame can meet the power supply requirements of the TV and other multimedia, and it is effectively dustproof and beautiful. The switch & socket next to the sofa is installed at a distance of 30 mm from the ground, which is easy to insert and remove, and the simple color does not affect the overall style.


Kitchen and bathroom articles

Warm-toned wall tiles match the Rj series white switch & sockets that make this loving space in the kitchen more humane, and the socket settings can also respond to owners' sudden power needs.

Realistic pircture of RJ series switch & socket 1


The bathroom uses the same color pattern, but a waterproof bottom box is added to the switch & socket to prevent water vapor from the bathroom or shower water splashing on the socket, causing an accident or affecting the service life of the socket.

Realistic picture of RJ series swtich & socket 2


Bedroom articles

White is a classic color that can be matched with any decoration style. It can be cartoon, simple, Korean, European and American. The JUNON Rj series Pearl White switch & socket is not only easy to set up, but its curve direction makes the switch & socket more comfortable and in line with human aesthetics. Open the switch on the porch from a comfortable and labor-saving angle.

Realistic picture of RJ series switch & socket 3


The bedroom is a private space where we relax and emancipate ourselves, sometimes reading books and playing video on mobile phones. How can there be a lack of a charging socket near the bedside. And if the quilt is warm in winter, who wants to go to the door to turn off the lights before going to bed, the double control switch at the bedside is very important.

Realistic picture of RJ series switch & socket 4


In addition to sleeping in the bedroom, we can also work in a comfortable way. Set up computer sockets and other equipment at the desk, or install conjoined switch & sockets to conveniently put multimedia equipment such as televisions in the bedroom. Space for rest, entertainment and work,who doesn't want to design this way.