Realistic picture of P series switch and socket

- Sep 13, 2019-

Realistic picture of P series switch and socket


Taohui Real Estate takes advantage of its location. Surrounded by two subways, it has a complete transportation system. The surrounding business is prosperous, the population flow is large, and the business atmosphere is strong.


Mysterious dark color cool style

The whole house is decorated in dark tones, combined with solid wood and metal materials. It’s high-end and full of mystery.


However, if the kitchen's electrical equipment is not placed, or installing a few five-hole sockets is nicer, it is convenient to use electricity. And you should also install a multi-control switch near the door, easy to turn off the lights.

Realistic picture of P series switch & socket 1

Most of the duplex apartments in Taohui Plaza are designed in white hue bathroom, simple and stylish, separated from wet and dry, and carefully cared for the health of the family. But for safety reasons, Xiaobian still recommends that you install a waterproof bottom box. After all, the wet space has more water mist, there are security risks.

Realistic picture of P series switch & socket 2

Along the wooden staircase, up to the second floor, the first purpose is a simple bedroom layout, a bed, a desk, very suitable for cool teenagers living, wooden desk match white socket, it’s exquisite and elegant.

Realistic picture of P series switch & socket 3

The design of the master bedroom is dominated by mysterious black and luxurious high-end. The matt black desk is matched with a white socket with silver-rimmed, which is very suitable for the European-style bed in the room. The bedside table and bed are integrated design, neat and beautiful, match practical sockets.


TaoHui Plaza's duplex apartments come with a variety of hardcover designs. Although the decoration styles are different, they all use the switch & sockets of the JUNON P series. The pure white panels can be matched with any decoration, and it will not be unremarkable. This is the JUNON P series. The silver-rimmed design lends a touch of aura to the minimalist decoration.


P series switch & socket product picture

Realistic picture of P series switch & socket 4


As a well-known enterprise in Guangdong, JUNON has many years of experience in R&D and manufacturing, reliable quality, stylish and eye-catching appearance, and strong brand influence. This is probably one of the reasons why Taohui Real Estate chooses JUNON.


Another reason is probably that it is fascinated by the match ability of the P-series switch & socket. It is fascinated by its unique design sense. This is the meaning of its existence. Being liked is its charm. It is its real power to attract people.