Real scene display for JUNON distribution box

- Jun 09, 2019-

Real scene display for JUNON distribution box

Founded in 1983, Guangdong JUNON Songtian Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd has a wide range of products, including switch & socket, distribution box, and circuit breaker. With its own popularity and hard power, JUNON successfully won the market share and attracted a large number of partners.

Today, we will present to you the real scene display for JUNON V16 Multimedia wiring box and V8+ distribution box.


JUNON distribution box real scene display︱Yi Cui • Zundi

Yi Cui Zundi is the quality city of Nanning, which is built by Nengxing Real Estate in FOSHAN Qiandeng Lake Financial High-tech Zone in 2015. The project is located in the core area of the North Zone of the Financial High-tech Zone in Qiandeng Lake, FOSHAN, with a total construction area of 1.3 million ㎡.

As a super-mass complex project of Qianxing Lake Financial High-tech Zone, which is a hot spot in the FOSHAN market, Yi Cui Zundi pays great attention to the safety of electricity, so it is very strict when selecting circuit products. JUNON V8+ distribution box and V16 multimedia wiring box were fortunate enough to be selected by Yi Cui.

Real scene display for JUNON distribution box

Yicui Zundi is a one-stop supporting community of Qiandeng Hunan to Jiangjing Life City. It has two terraces and two households with comfortable north and south convection, about 110-135 square meters of comfortable three-four-room layout, and large public space.

The V16 multimedia wiring box in the corridor position is particularly eye-catching, and the whole box is trapped inside the wall, which does not occupy a clean and beautiful place, and the outer box has a simple style and complete functions. Organize the multimedia in the house in a wiring box for management and maintenance.

Real scene display for JUNON distribution box1

JUNON V16 multimedia wiring box it is the best choice for you to open the digital age. Various specifications for different needs users


JUNON V8+ distribution box on the porch, the pure white panel and the interior decoration style are harmoniously integrated, and the position of the cabinet is very reasonable, which is convenient for users to close all the electrical equipment before going out to ensure safe use of electricity and save electricity.


The circuit breaker inside the distribution box is also configured according to the electrical equipment in the house, which achieves the effect of separate control, is safe and practical, and can be controlled separately when some devices need to be opened normally when going out, which is very convenient.

Real scene display for JUNON distribution box2

JUNON V8+ dynamic adjustment distribution box is an indoor distribution box.

For installing miniature circuit breakers / leakage circuit breakers/Isolation Switch / Surge Protector, equal modulus low voltage electrical products.


JUNON has the privilege of reaching a cooperation agreement with Yi Cui Zundi, thanking Yi Cui Real Estate for its insight into the heroes. The V16 multimedia wiring box and V8+distribution box of JUNON are safer and more practical than the products with the same price.